Thursday, August 02, 2018

Have you been aggravated by sprinklers leaving hard water spots on your cars windows? Here's a good post on cleaning a car

no, this isn't a paid product placement... I didn't even get a free sample. I just was wondering how to clean my windshield better... and this came up. Not that I wouldn't take some free samples! But no one has offered.

However, when you are at SEMA, stop by the Mothers booth.. they have free samples they are happy for you to take a couple and use them!

Oh, and this reminds me, there is so damn much to learn about cleaning a car. When I was a kid, there were 6 things to know,
1) start at the top and wash down so the dirt doesn't end up where you've already cleaned,
2) use LOTS of water
3) Never let a dirty sponge or cloth touch the car when washing.
4) after you wash the car, wax it with Rain Dance or Blue Coral
5) old people will pay kids to wash their cars if you get a reputation for being careful, and thorough
6) never wash it in the sun, take it into the shade and let that car cool off
7) use cotton towels with big loops to dry

They hadn't invented micro fiber cloths.
They hadn't invented wash mitts
They hadn't invented grit guards
They hadn't invented power sprayers

But now? There are hundreds of "car product" companies, and they all claim to be the best.
They all have "product lines" of a variety of things you didn't know you needed, but will cost over 5 dollars a bottle.

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