Wednesday, August 01, 2018

not helpless, nor hopeless, just homeless in Kent Washington, but he's got moxie and a knack for innovation to move his stuff. Hat tip of respect to the guy still fighting the world on his terms, not asking for a hand out at the stop sign


  1. I didnt have that much stuff when I was single...

    Ive also been "homeless"

    I lived in a 18 wheeler
    with a 36' sleeper bunk

    1. there was a wise man who said "go see the world, all you'll need you can carry in a big back pack" and I agree, to the specific part about if you're traveling seeing the world... I lived out of a duffle bag when I was in the Navy, for about 10 years. However, dang, just what you can carry in a sleeper. I feel for you man. I did my homeless bit in comparative luxury in a garage. No running water, but, all the free electricity I could use, for a fridge, ac, laptop, alarm clock, microwave and lights.