Thursday, August 02, 2018

10,000-square-foot underground bunker created from 42 school buses entombed in concrete, 35 years ago, is the largest private nuclear fallout shelter in North America

Dubbed “The Ark Two,” the creation, spearheaded by 83-year-old Bruce Beach, sits 15 feet beneath the earth in the rural town of Horning’s Mills just outside of Toronto, Canada

It could accommodate a couple hundred people for several months. The bunker was designed to support a community, equipped with everything from months worth of food supplies to plumbing, a well, kitchen, laundry, library, dentist, nursery, daycare, ER/surgery room, and even a morgue.

Why buses? They were cheap (just $300 a pop) and have reinforced steel roofs, which make for ideal bomb shelter molds.

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  1. "The powers that be" want him to seal it up? Jesus Christ. Leave the guy alone! He's not hurting anybody. Good God, what is wrong with these bureaucrats?