Wednesday, August 01, 2018

car insurance companies and dash cams.. .. why aren't dash cams a part of car insurance in America yet? Simple, the insurance companies don't know what to do

the Aug 2018 issue of Car and Driver did a short article on the matter, and this had me wondering why no car magazines are focusing on dash cams in a monthly feature.

Well, the article is certainly worth reading, but I can't find the whole thing online.

The key part that I want you to know about is the insurance companies -  they did NOT want to take part in being on the record about dash cams.

Why? Miranda rights. Anything they say can be used against them in court.

So, Geico and Liberty Mutual didn't even return calls to Car and Driver Magazine. Farmers, the California Dept of Insurance, and the Insurance Information Institute declined to speak on the record, and Progressive said NO to an interview.

Why? They are keeping the option open to argue For or Against in any trial that comes up... that dash cam footage is, or isn't effective, useful, etc. Which ever suits the purpose at the moment, and is financially most beneficial per trial.

the beginning of the article is at

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