Wednesday, August 01, 2018

here's a puzzle.... Lee Munro, the great nephew of Burt Munro, is teaming up again with Indian to reach 200 mph on his modified Indian Scout during Speed Week 2018

is it news?

Umm, no, he did this last year I think I recall.

Is it interesting?

Well, I think I'd have to look at the parts of it to see if there's a redeeming factor or quality.  I'm seriously doubting I'll find the elements I need in order to respect the guy, the bike, or the event.

Burt earned all his respect through all his efforts to craft a winning motorcycle by persevering through adversity, poverty, challenges, and even rules that got in the way.

His innovations, craftsmanship, metallurgy, precise mechanics, and so many other amazing qualities like his personality - endeared him to many generations of hot rodders, bikers, salt flat land speed enthusiasts and more.

On the other hand, his great nephew? Was born to a family related to Burt.

Indian... well, it's not even the same company that made the bike that Burt experimented with.

So, a guy who hasn't pulled off anything that his grandfathers brother did, and a company that has no connection to the legend himself, are teaming up to... make a publicity event?

Maybe I'm all wrong, and they've done an admirable thing, but at face value, it's a publicity stunt to grab attention and somehow make money from it.

I'd rather see the grand nephew strap into the old bike Burt made, and try to survive a run down the salt. I could respect that.

I think I've been fairly clear that I post things I can respect (when I'm not simply passing along humorous stuff, or the daily WTF) and that's a pretty good benchmark for what to post. 


  1. Possible Scenario - It could be Lee, inspired by his great uncle Burt’s legendary story, wants to see if he has the skill and passion to measure up. But only rich kids can do that without help, so convinced Indian to support him by dangling the family name for the free publicity it would garner for them.

    1. Well, that's only going to make sense if he starts out in a garage, fixes up an old bike, makes his way around the world the hard way, gets to the salt without sponsors, and then sets a world record, or comes close. Getting a business to donate a new bike? That's nothing. Lots of people have arranged a sponsorship. Whether he does it with, or without rich corporate sponsors that want to lean on historical associations, well, like I said, is it interesting? I don't think so. So far, no one has said a thing to lead me to think otherwise. White wig wearer simply jumps to being offensive, instead of logical.