Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Enzo said to his drivers "Win or die, you will be immortal", so starts the narrative of the movie, Ferrari: Race to Immortality. A documentary of the 1950s Ferrari race car drivers, using the 50s race coverage. Fantastic

I doubt anyone has made such a magnificent movie about the drivers... I was surprised at how many wives, fiances, and girlfriends were interviewed. It's so remarkable that such an effort was made to recall what they felt, the people surrounding the drivers, and so many decades later.

True, perhaps some books are this good at setting the time and place they are covering, and this is based on the book by Chris Nixon, Mon Ami Mate, but a documentary some 60 years later? Amazing. Truly amazing.

And though often overlooked, commendable sound editting. The musical score is evenly adjusted to not overwhelm your ears while you take in the cars speeding through the curves, and their engines can clearly be heard going past, even as the rousing violins bring up the dramatic score.

The videos, the tv news camera coverage, the home video 16 and 8 mm camera coverage, and so much of it in color, not just of the drivers, but the races, the tracks, and the events as a whole, are in warm colors and focus, while the people that new the drivers best, be it well know celeb drivers like Phil Hill and Sterling Moss, or old interview selections of Enzo answering a reporters questions...

It's a significant historical movie, I hope you see it, and soak it in.

thanks to AJ Feueman for letting me review this film, how in the world she ever heard about my blog is a mystery to me

Ferrari: Race to Immortality is now available on VOD as of July 24.


  1. Couldn't agree more Jesse! I just happened to see it on a Delta Airlines flight, on July 24th, coming from Atlanta. Truly one of the best racing documentaries made.

  2. excellent movie - I was able to watch it on my STT-JFK Delta flight. With the sound maxed out on my headset,the singing sound of those Ferraris engines it was perfect, and I was impressed with the personal interviews and vintage clips,learned a lot about the drivers of the era and their courage and determination.
    Find it and watch it!