Sunday, July 29, 2018

Black and McDonald van number 350, is the award winning asshole of the day. I bet the asshole had no idea he was filmed on tail light camera (thanks Doug!) Ontario lic plate AL 42092

And he's fired!

A van driver in the Canadian city of Ottawa has been sacked after they were filmed repeatedly splashing pedestrians.

Contracting company Black and McDonald said in a Facebook post that the individual concerned is "no longer employed" with them after a video of their anti-social behaviour went viral, Canadian broadcaster CBC reports.

A 45 second clip, filmed on a rear-facing dashcam, shows the unidentified driver veering into the kerb on a rainy day to drench pedestrians at least three times. At the very end of the clip, the company's logo is clearly seen on the side of the vehicle.

The video has been viewed over 750,000 times, and Black and McDonald subsequently made an apology for their driver's behaviour on its Facebook page


  1. Apparently he was fired.

    1. Thanks! Great! Adding that to the post!