Wednesday, August 01, 2018

All right, they are really getting fundamental and hard core now... check out the recreation 1967 store display for Hot Wheels Red Line Club Members coming out this fall! Replica of all the 16 original cars, and store display

I'm just guessing here, but, I think to buy this we'll have to be in the Red Line Club, and to get there, well,

We can't. They have a limited number of "Red Line Club" memberships, and that number is filled....and some of those are people who are going to just Ebay the cool stuff that can only be bought if you were lucky enough to learn about these things before the limited number of members was reached.

Red Line Club memberships are limited to a production number of 17,500. Per Year? I think so, in perpetuity? That wouldn't surprise me.

Becoming a member of the 2018 Red Line Club is only $24.99 — still the same price as when it began in 2002.

and the bright yellow "sold out" in the red bar on the bottom... means, we learned about this too late to join.

Well, I'm not in the tax bracket to buy from flippers profiting off membership exclusives.

I'm not even making shit up... the $25 dollar car that comes with the membership?

has a Buy It Now price of 88 dollars on Ebay.

That's upsetting to me that people aren't into the stuff, and take up the "memberships" before people who want to get into the stuff involved can access it. You know? Like people buying tickets to concerts or plays and flipping the tickets for profit instead of seeing the concert or play. Torques me right off. Greed... you know? It's wrecked the entire collecting hobby, priced out over half the people who would actually USE car parts, READ comic books, WATCH concerts and plays.  is the 311 other Red Line Members only collectibles that went right to Ebay.  has 1256 Red Line Club items

add those together and it's about 10% of the red line club just buying stuff to profit from, not to enjoy as intended as a toy, collectible, or to gift, or use as man cave art. It's just not cool.

Ok, keep this in context, I'm probably alone in this, but, look around, I'm sharing the cool stuff I come across on this site, for free, no password nonsense, no advertising, no pop ups, and all that garbage. 


  1. Do the members in 2018 have priority for the 2019 memberships?

    1. I don't know. I'm going to try and learn more about it in the future when I talk to Hot Wheels people.. but, it's too late to even think we've got any chance at all of buying one. They aren't even making 12 thou of them, not all the members that want to buy them will get the chance, but we can be sure they will turn up over and over on Ebay

  2. Or the Hot Wheels guys might go, WOW it's actually Jesse Bowers, here, talking to us! Here Mr Bowers, have a couple of the replica displays.

    1. Ha! No. They might do that for Steven Spielberg, or some other Hollywood celeb, but they aren't going to do it for me. They wouldn't see a car guy by looking at me. They'd see someone hoping for free merch. Nah, I'm looking to be a customer, and pay for it. That's the right way, but, they already maxed out how many people they "allow" in the club