Wednesday, August 01, 2018

I finally found that Hot Wheels Rally Case scene in Ant Man and the Wasp!

It's over really fast in this preview, but it was a big surprise to me to have such a cool prepared method worked out in the storyline that is PERFECT for the Pym character storyline to have get away cars and van PERFECTLY packed away.

That's really genius, and THAT is what the Dr Pym character in the movie is! AND in the same year as the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels. .. c'mon, that's some crazy cool all around coincidences that the right movie came along at the right time to use Hot Wheels size cars! 


  1. Did you buy the case with the car set or just the case?

    1. I didn't buy any of it. I'm actually quite in debt, and broke. I admire the hell out of the Hot Wheels people, designers, marketing and advertising, etc. I simply can only share the images here, I can't pay for and collect the stuff.