Monday, June 05, 2017

Whats the difference between roads built by the ancient Romans, and every other road built in the past 100 years?

the roads the Romans built didn't become embarrassments in the first 40 years of their existence, not even in the first 400 years.

Today when you drive anywhere at all, notice how lousy the roads are.

And if you can figure out why the roads cost a half million dollars a mile, and last for less than 20 years... for our sake get to the top of the road building agency in your local government and fix this disgraceful situation 


  1. do you know what the penalty for failure was/

    DEATH TO YOU your family [ both sides ] unless you were under 4yrs old
    then you were sold into slavery

    1. Umm... what the hell are you responding to? How well Romans built roads?