Thursday, June 08, 2017

Hitler loses his mind that Guy Martin is riding for Honda with McGuiness... get him some stick on sideburns! HA! It gets funnier the longer it goes on... enjoy!


  1. Oh man, that scene has probably been used hundreds of times by now, with all sorts of texts. My favorite, though, is a take on the old Finland folk tune 'Levan Polkka', which itself has been subjected to innumerable versions, ranging from techno to symphony choirs to Japanese computer animated stars.

    If you don't have the patience to go through them all (best in the order below), then at least see the last one, which I believe was made by someone in Vietnam.

    1) From 1952 film:

    2) The modern version, official video:

    3) Nice a capella version with same band, includes subtitles:

    4) One of 500+ Japanese versions with computer animated figures....:

    ​5) ....and agin with famous computer animated star Hatsune Miko - plus a farmer's girl:​

    ​6) And finally the 'Der Untergang' version:

    1. Lol... HA! Thanks Kim! You're a hoot to find those and send the links!
      I'll look through them tomorrow at work when I actually have more time to surf the net.

    2. that is one catchy tune!

  2. It's a fun song, about a young girl who wants to go dancing, and does so, over her mother's objections. Ehen eventually she returns with some guy in tow, mom raises hell again. But the guy sends her packing, saying he's going to take care of her girl allright. The interesting thing is that it was written in the 1930s, where one would think morals were quite different from today (then again, it's Scandinavia), and that such an old song can have that sort of international, even hi-tech revival.

  3. The best one is when he learns 'Rubicon Express' goes out of business and can't get a lift kit for his Jeep!! Just Youtube 'Hitler-Rubicon Express'....