Saturday, June 10, 2017

I might have saved this guys day, or his life. Who can tell what you prevent when you get someone to stop and realize they are pouring gas onto the ground as fast as their fuel pump can operate. Damn BMW mechanic screwed up. Something is very wrong

This photo is a moment after he turned off the car. But from the size of the puddle, you'll see just how much gas leaked onto the ground in the time it took to come to a stop and turn off the car.

I don't know what it takes to light gasoline on fire, and I don't wanna find out while people are in that car.

I bet the hose clamps weren't tightened, or the fuel return line wasn't plugged into the tank, or the hoses weren't replaced when the fuel pump (just replaced this morning) was replaced and the increased pressure blew a hole in the line.

Anyway, what you can take from this is that when you smell gas, don't panic, but don't ignore it, find out what is leaking gas and then take immediate safety steps to keep shit from catching on fire. Don't matter if it's your car or some strangers, you can prevent a shit ton of problems by getting people alerted to problems.

Worst case a fire happens, and we've all seen shit on fire on the freeways, or maybe this guy just runs out of gas while driving and gets off to the side of the road and calls for a tow. No matter. Help out people when they need it. Make this world a bit better place to be in

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