Tuesday, June 06, 2017

having 4 sizes of rims for one car model is ridiculous. The Chevy Cruze can be bought with 15, 16, 17, or 18 inch rims

Standard equipment on the Cruze L includes 15-inch steel wheels,

The LT steps up to 16-inch alloy wheels,

The Cruze Premier gets those features as standard plus 17-inch wheels,

Both the LT and Premier offer an RS Appearance package 18-inch wheels



  1. Why is choice ridiculous? I long for the 60's when it took 15 minutes to just read the list of options available, like a heavy duty battery for $7 extra, or larger radiator for $20 extra.

    1. Choice isn't ridiculous, but overspending on R n D, design, marketing, manufacturing and stocking when your company is near bankrupt, and just recovering from bankruptcy? That's when 4 rims are ridiculous when 2 choices would be fine. Do you agree? Back in the 60's when you ordered a car the way you wanted it, and the car companies were insanely profitable, hey... sky's the limit. But now? When recalls, govt fines for fraud and involuntary manslaughter due to negligent risk management standard practices... it's a bad time to have excess for cheap cars. It's time to tighten up, 6 sigma, and efficiency studies for quality improvement. You're longing for a time when there was no competition from the Japanese companies that built cars in the USA who overtook production and quality from American companies that outsourced manufacturing to Mexico and China.

    2. Does my line of thinking make any more sense now? Or am I being ridiculous in wanting to see GM succeed, thrive, and become profitable enough to keep the jobs in the USA?