Saturday, June 10, 2017

Nice Mustang in the mall parking lot... sure looks out of place among the new boring cars

I have never cared for these 72-73-74 era mustangs... but something makes this one looks good. Might be the flat black hood and scoops, plus the chrome surrounding the grill. I'm not sure. But I dig it


  1. I bought a new '71 MACH-I after a bitter divorce. Of course it looked great and had a 351 Cleveland. I expect it to be a clone of my 1964 Mustang. It wasn't. I'm not hard on vehicles, but the MACH-I started falling apart with in 6 months. I finally sold it after 18 months and 16,000 miles when the rear end basically blew up and never looked back.

  2. The wheels look good on this. It looks like they took the original centers and put them in a bigger diameter rim.