Monday, June 05, 2017

the AACA Library & Research Center is free, in Hershey Pennsylvania, and constantly grows from donations of collections

The Buick Heritage Alliance, and the Dodge Brothers Club were both donated to the AACA Library, and so were the collections from other car clubs, like:

the Hudson Essex Terrarplane Historical society, the Lincoln Motor Car Foundation, the Museum of Bus Transportation, the National Woodie Club, the Pierce Arrow Society,

and in the most recent Antique Automobile magazine, the AACA publication (really good magazine) they talked about the most recent donations to the library in the editors column, and announced the good news that the Cars and Parts magazine library from Amos publishing company was just donated, and a moving van full of the library from Mark Theisen just arrived from Wisconsin

PLUS many of the cars built by contestants in the Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild have just arrived.


  1. its a great place, but constantly feuding with the other AACA Museum on the same property, run by a totally different organization
    a bizarre soap opera story showing how the power and ego of people can stall even the best of intentions

    1. What the? ! This is ridiculous!

    2. As I read the article from Hemmings, the club and library are good with each other, and united. The museum was a seperate organization (how with the same name?) and wouldn't roll over for the club, and it's snobs about how modified cars were going to be appreciated by the museum, and bring in patrons to pay the bills, so the club cut ties. Looks like it's the same mentality as the Bloomington Gold people, and the Porschaphiles vs outlaw Porsche people. Too much religion and worship over perfection of restorations and greed. Just my 2 cents.