Thursday, June 08, 2017

Got her start as a professional driver in her 1st job, as a pizza delivery... then was a valet, where she was spotted by a director, now she's a Hollywood stunt driver. Pizza delivery and valet drivers!... take notice, you can hone your driving skills every day. Being good looking doesn't hurt either

Director Doug Taub, in town shooting a Lincoln commercial, happened to spot Trimble as she whipped cars around at the valet. “Have you ever thought about driving for a living?” he asked her. “What do you mean?” she answered, pointing to the valet stand. “Look at all these cars I drive for a living.”

Based on her facile maneuvering (and perhaps aided by her quick wit), Taub offered her a gig as a production assistant so she could dip her toes in the precision-driving business. Sensing an opportunity for change (and admitting to herself that her art education wasn’t doing her any good as a valet anyway), she paid a friend $40 to cover for her on a Saturday. “When I think back,” she recalls, “that $40 was the best possible career investment I’ve had to this day. I’m glad he covered that shift because it was totally life-changing.”

10 years later she is trading notes with fellow stunt driver and racer Tanner Foust, and has a garage stuffed with a Porsche Macan S, an air-cooled 911 Carrera, a Ford Focus ST, and a meticulously restored ’68 Dodge Charger found in Indiana with a 572 she spent two years looking through other 68 chargers to find.

“I was like, ‘700 lb-ft of torque? Of course I need 700 lb-ft of torque. And 768 horsepower? Of course I need 768 horsepower.’ It’s like an Indy cylinder head with these crazy headers I can fit my calves into. Holy headers, Batman.”

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