Tuesday, June 06, 2017

the Cars 3 roadshow came to San Diego today, and will be at Belmont tomorrow until 4pm also

the trailer has a preview, and we got to see the figure 8 demolition derby scene, and I can tell you, it's more fun than any scene in Cars 2. Looks like Cars 3 will be a better movie, at least as good as the original

the only stops left are Disneyland, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Sonoma


  1. Did you see Cars 3 yet? I saw it yesterday and I thought it was great, about as good as the first movie.

    1. I did see it, Saturday morning, and you're right, it's on par with the 1st, and really shows up how off the mark Cars 2 story was from the general theme. I get why they did it, merch sales, but they strayed too far. Well, this time they did a different switch and I'm not happy with it. Disney went all princess power again. But not like Moana, Brave, Tangled, Maleficent, Pocahontas, Little Mermaid, and the rest of it's straight to girls hearts movies, nope. This time they took a franchise and flipped it to the girls camp. Not cool. If they took Brave and handed it over to the brothers and had Merida and mom tag out and the brother and dad tag in... feminists would burn the country down. If Moana turned out seasick and had a brother make the voyage for her, their would be pink hats on Disney's gates having a protest. It's just wrong. I'm all cool with Disney being all princess since they ran out of old classic Mother Goose and Brothers Grimm stories, maybe they caught wind of the women's movement with Mary Poppins (biggest selling Disney thing ever IMHO) and the endless run of new princess movies has been fine by me. Tangled is one of my favorite animated movies as a matter of fact. But taking a car guy movie and switching to why can't title 19 get some big screen press struck a sour note with me. Ol McQueen was obviously Rocky with a new challenger he had to struggle to train to match against one last time to save some ego, an old theme (Black Stallion vs young horses, Rocky vs young guys, The Shootist vs wanna be gunslingers) and damn it, we enjoy the challenge type movies. But didn't anyone learn that having a favorite cranky old guy teaching a young woman was movie flop territory in Million Dollar Baby? JHC on crutches, we LOVE Burgess Meredith or Walter Brennan characters, that's WHAT Doc Hudson was! So who's idiotic idea was it to put McQueen in the crew chief spot? What girl racer fan base do they imagine exists to cater to? Hey, I post every woman in racing, cars, planes, Nascar, NHRA, or land speed. I adore the bravery and courage to buck the damn old fat white guy club that rules in sports EVERY WHERE! I root for women to get the hell outdoors and enjoy the challenge of any sport, any race. I even posted the shoeless Mexican woman who kicked the ass of all the spandex wearing ninnies. But I'm opposed to switch hitting with a character movie franchise in obvious catering to little princesses. I'm just as opposed to putting GI Joe in My Little Pony. Shit ain't right. You have to be honest with your audience or you're a dirtbag who has no honor. No honor - no self respect - and that leads to selling out your fans for your own prosperity. Nope, I'm against loss of integrity.

  2. Sorry if this is a duplicate post. My internet at work was flaky this morning.

    I thought about the girl-power theme too, when that happened at the end of the movie. I guess you could see it coming at the beach and the Thomasville Speedway scenes. They didn't really hammer on her being a female character, in my opinion.

    As much as Cars was a tribute to the old Route 66 and that culture, I thought Cars 3 was a good tribute to the history of racing in the USA. The old-time characters like Smokey and the Junior Johnson character, "Jocko Flocko" on Mack's disguise at the Figure 8 track, the moonshine running with the lights off were all well done. I didn't notice it in the movie, but there's a toy version of a pickup truck that has the bed flattened out just like you would see at the demolition derby, and when Lightning was recuperating in primer with just his numbers painted on, it looked like the practice paint jobs NASCAR uses at the beginning of the season. Those details showed me that they have some car guys working at Pixar. A lot of people watching the movie probably missed those details.