Sunday, June 04, 2017

Charles Glidden, made a fortune from the telephone industry, as he was helping Alexander Bell, and retired young to a life of driving around the world

in 1866 he went to work for the telegraph company, by age 20 he was working with Alexander Bell, and built up a large company that sold subscriptions to customers, and then sold that company to Bell at age 43.

In 1898 he bought 3 electric cars, but they didn't satisfy. In 1901 he bought a Napier loved it so much he bought two more. He decided to drive around the world and see it all

He was the 1st man to drive around the world, and even spent 1800 miles on railroads on his way to Minneapolis.

In 1901, Glidden undertook a journey to the Arctic Circle, where no roads existed, accompanied solely by his wife. Not only did they survive, but they did it again. In 1902, aboard a beefy Napier, the couple undertook a very early circumnavigation of the globe, driving through Malaysia and Japan, doing the global loop not just once, but twice.

He kicked off the Glidden tours to get other car owners to go long range and enjoy their cars too

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