Tuesday, July 10, 2018

this had to have happened to need a sign


  1. More often than you'd think. My next door neighbor working for Roadway Express was loading cargo in the back of one of their delivery trucks when an idiot decided to move the truck, got in, started it and drove away from the dock just as Russ was pulling out with the forklift. He fell under the FL which landed on his left leg and shattered his ankle and smacked up his right leg. It's taken numerous surgeries to get him walking again and right now he's on disability unable to work because he can no longer work the clutch. About 6 months later they had the very same thing happen again and the FL driver was seriously injured.

  2. most places have a "dock lock" that grabs the back bumper of the trailer.

    but why would the driver leave without the shipping paperwork?
    and why would the clerk give the driver the paperwork without the person loading it telling the clerk they are done?

    1. mysteries of bad jobs

    2. Dan, apparently he just wanted to get to the dock to load his own truck and never bothered to see if anyone was in the back. Russell's walking OK now, but there's still damage to his leg that prevents him from working a clutch.