Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Good things happen to good people... update to the Memorial Day racist bullshit in Utah.

If you remember, a guy had a problem with his truck, it broke down in a camping area, and blocked the way, and some racist asshole tried to be the worst human in the state, and worked the situation so he'd get paid to two the guy out after ripping into the poor guy with racist shit. (original story at https://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2018/06/dumbass-let-his-mouth-talk-him-right.html )

Well, here's the before and after shots!

Plus, due to some really cool compassionate people sending in some donations, this happened:

“(It’s) not only the Utah mentality, but the American mentality,” Sparks said. “This is: help your neighbor. Be a good Samaritan when you can. And the experience that Jose had before, that’s not America. What you’re seeing now, this is America.”

So, kudo's and compliments to Heavy D Sparks, of Diesel Brothers fame


Reminder, do the right thing, be charitable, be humble, and at the worst, you'll be welcome everywhere you go and your karma will get supercharged. At best, and this is a life lesson, other people will see your good work, and help out. Nothing is as magnetic as someone helping someone in need. 

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