Wednesday, July 11, 2018

heroes of the day! Pasco County Fire and Rescue Station 10 and EMTs! Gene and Melissa were sodding their yard when he had a heart attack, due to stress over the HOA deadline, and Florida heat and humidity... the Fire Dept and EMTs came back to finish the sod and prevent an HOA fine!

Before Gene had his massive heart attack, his whole right coronary artery was completely clogged. He was working on the sod with his brother-in-law, that triggered and set it off. They'd just received the last 4 pallets and were going to finish it. It's been Gene's biggest stress as the HOA bastards deadline to lay on a huge fine was getting closer.

While he was having his heart attack, literally in and out of consciousness, he kept begging his wife to figure out the sod and have it put down because he didn't want it to go to waste and die. It's ALL he kept asking about literally during a massive heart attack.

Gene and Melissa headed to the hospital, and his brother-in-law stayed back, planning on staying to get it finished. He finished getting the old grass out and then began laying a few rows of the new sod.

As he was laying it, he heard huge trucks driving back down the road. He turned around and saw the fire truck and ambulance had come back. He was confused and thought they were coming to check on him. Before he knows it, 7 firefighters and EMT's jumped out, put on gloves and said they came back because they knew Gene was in serious trouble and they wanted to lay the new sod so it didn't die. They knew he wouldn't be able to do any work for weeks so they came back.

They saved his life, dropped him off and then cared enough to save the grass, not knowing the HOA bastards were going to fine Gene over the yard appearance. They didn't know that this guy's wife is about to have a bone marrow transplant next month.

So, Kudos to Pasco County Fire Dept and EMTs!  Follow up video:

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  1. I would never buy a house with an HOA

    a heartfelt thanks to the FD