Monday, July 09, 2018

the Toyota Supra for 2019 Nascar season

I'm impressed, it doesn't look like a Toyota, and it does not look like a bellybutton Nascar racer (to me, and I don't watch modern nascar (post 1974), as it's not very exciting when every car looks the same under the paint)


  1. That is the reason I do not watch NASCAR races anymore. All the cars are the same. They all use the same engines, the same chassis, the same brakes, the same body. The only thing different is the stickers. I want to see races where the cars are from the manufacturer. If they only have a V6 in their companies lineup...that is what they use.

    NASCAR lost me when they went to that "Car of the Future." NASCAR is loosing viewers and spectators, ya think that the France Family would wake up and attempt to figure out why.

  2. the 24 hours of lemons is more entertaining.
    watching all the $500 cars racing.

    I too lost interest in nascar when they made all the cars the same.