Thursday, July 12, 2018

Scams, greed, profiteering, and dirty deeds... they aren't new. They certainly are clever though, so beware, stay skeptical.

I was just reading the most recent issue of the Hagerty car ins co monthly magazine (11 years now!) and during a slice of pizza at costco I read two scams mentioned by two articles.

That's pretty bad. I only got through about 10 pages of content (ignoring the ads) and learned of two scams. Damn.

I'd rather just share happy stuff, good news, etc... but there isn't much of that in the world. So, like I often do, here is another PSA (public service announcement) to help you out, potentially.

Jay Leno mentioned that while selling his house a little while ago, of the offers that were made, a single mom was one. Okay, right there I'm instantly on alert for a scam, as not many single people can afford anything Jay Leno owns, much less a house in Beverly Hills, and anyone that rich who can make an offer on a multi million dollar house in BH, and is a woman? Is likely to be the California's Most Eligible Bachlorette. So, see what I mean? instant alert for scam.

Anyway, this single mom's offer on the house wasn't the highest, he mentioned it was low, but Jay and his wife were sympathetic, and even sent out their window curtains to get cleaned so the woman moving in would find a far more pleasant place than anticipated. It's the little kindnesses, you know?

Well, a month after selling Jay goes back to see how things are going, you know, questions like "where is the water sprinkler controller? or what key opens the garage side door?" come up.

He found that the house was already bulldozed and a new one was going up. Yeah, she worked for a realtor, to buy houses. Not that she was honest about it, but she was simply earning a living and using what she has to get the most money a day that she can... in So Cal. So, even when there isn't much to alert you, and honestly, there isn't anything illegal about what she did, it still stings to get screwed over by a scammer. So did some honest person who would have been buying the house instead, if this realtors employee hadn't used the sympathy card.

The other scam is a hoot, back in the 1910s, when EVERYONE was full of it about how their backyard car company was making great cars, there was a guy named Bush, who like everyone else, advertised the car in the newpapers, magazines, or whatever... and had to be paid first, before he'd deliver the car he'd make for you. But this canny ol buzzard was not that into work, he went to any car company around that had a new car for sale, and then bought it, put his own name plate on it, and sold it for a profit, cash up front, to whoever was buying a "Bush" car from him. He never made a car, and eventually the nearby car companies caught on, and stopped selling him cars. Then he was out of business. 

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