Thursday, July 12, 2018

Some yo yo out there with the online handle of "curious" wants me to know he's seen it all. Ummm, so? He's actually upset that I often state "Here's one I've never seen before"

He states in a comment -

I have a challenge for you: Can you go a week without saying "I haven't heard that before" or "I haven't seen that before"? Just be cause you haven't seen it or heard it doesn't mean it hasn't happened.

For crying out loud, you are repeating an article from a biweekly magazine with a circulation of 285,000. I know it's hard to believe, but there is stuff out there that a lot of us have seen that you haven't.

 While I doubt you have the stones to print this, just like you have not printed many of my criticisms, I am sure you will, at least in your heart, put me on blast and tell everyone how terrible I am for not kneeling at the Altar of Jesse. Guess what? I've seen it before!

Here's the proof I have the stones to print what you've got to bitch about, mostly to exhibit to regular readers what crass stuff I put up with daily, and without altering this mook's letter, point out what a jackass he is to complain about what I do, it's for me, not him. 

 He's all worked up over a ridiculous thing that shouldn't have him so bent out of shape, but people take things so damn personal... when it's got nothing to do with them. Maybe he didn't get hugged enough, maybe I've previously posted what a crazy religion he belongs to, maybe he was outraged when I said Mopars are best, and Chevy sucks. Who the hell knows. It's obvious this guy's got some problem though

Why else would this jackass keep coming back and looking at what I've posted when he frequently is upset by it? That's pretty fucking stupid. I think he's somewhat into smacking himself on the head with a hammer, just to hear that strange ringing sound. 

Am I going to censor my honest reaction to what I come across? Hell no. I am doing my thing and you can keep coming back, or not. It should not be a secret that I don't know if you're reading along, or if you go away and never come back, and shock! Gasp! Surprise! I don't care. 

Yeah, I do this for me, it's my outlet to share things that I get excited about, or appreciate, or just get thrilled about (firefighters laying in the sod for the guy that had a heart attack yesterday)

Taking what he said, and turning it around "I know it's hard to believe, but there is stuff out there" that I haven't seen, and I get a thrill out of, and I don't care if you have. You can figure out how to find something else you'd rather see on your computer, and not come back, so long, goodbye, sayonara, adios, don't let the door hit you on the way out. Don't go away mad, just go away. 

Now the rest of you can see why this idiots rants just haven't been posted before. Why he complains about that? No idea. 

"kneeling at the altar"? seriously? I'm just another dumb ass with an opinion, and I don't take myself so seriously as you think I do. I'm not your problem. I'm just a car guy with a computer, a camera, an opinion, and a place to put it out there on the internet, like 100 billion other websites. It's nothing but a window, like every other window. If it were anything special, I'd be rich. My credit card and checking account (what's a savings account?) prove I'm not now, nor likely to ever be rich. So, obviously, I'm not special. I'm just able to waste the time to share what I enjoy. 


  1. Touch'e Jesse! Hey Curious If you don't like it don't keep going back. Maybe your a little jealous who knows? Go somewhere else and pick that apart(although I'm pretty sure you probably already do) Better yet start you're own INCREDIBLE blog and then maybe you'd somewhat appreciate the ungodly hours it takes for Jesse to entertain my and many other peoples simple, appreciative ass's. I can't say I'm always in 100% agreement with Jesse' thoughts or opinions but they're just that and I visit his site daily and sometimes multiple times during the day. All in all I think it's one of the best blog sites available to transportation fans of all kinds of vehicles. I even appreciate the once in a while human interest stories. And yeah, I'm familiar with some of the topics he post and appreciate that he let's me share my thoughts and experiences about them. By the way, I post my name real name "Dale Blanding" proudly. Jesse, keep up the GREAT work!

  2. I posted before that your reactions to some comments seem a little over the top, because we don't see most of the shit you put up with every day, before something causes you to react. Illegitimi non carborundum, sir, you done good.

    1. lol.. and now you see a good example. This guy was commenting on the Leno Duesenberg post of yesterday. I can't even make up crap like this... it's so petty and ridiculous. This guy is actually complaining about my enthusiasm for finding things that are new to me. That makes me laugh, a bit. Hell, I really love finding things that are interesting, that I've never heard of or seen before. Isn't that why we seek out all forms of entertainment? To get a look at something new?

  3. "the Altar of Jesse" you gotta admit, that's funny. I don't think it's true, but it's funny. "Maybe he didn't get hugged enough" is funny too.

  4. Weell Jesse,ya just know that more Wankers are born everyday,even Downunder! Keep up the great work and enjoying it Mate !

    1. Not down under! Say it isn't so!!! I love that country, been to Perth, Brisbane, and Gladstone, spent a week in each, and wow, what a wonderful place. Send those wankers to Tasmania, keep Oz great!

  5. Actually I think he has a very good point.
    In future, please only post items that I haven't seen before.
    Thank you.