Tuesday, July 10, 2018

despite its name, the Volkswagen T6 California (Beach and Ocean editions) is not sold in the U.S. (Why? Smog? Crash tests?)

Equipped with a swiveling passenger seat, a sink, a stove, a fold-out table, a rear bench seat that turns into a bed, a roof that expands to make a sleeping loft, 30-gallon tank for onboard water storage, waste water receptacle, gas tank to heat the stove, and camping chairs that tuck away into the rear lift door

A basic Transporter “California” costs around $51,000 with current exchange rates between the Euro. All of the examples used for testing are nearer $110,000, fully loaded with the current conversions.

What is that cost a month? Winnebago level, or a bus size rv, but without the space?


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