Friday, July 13, 2018

cool and unusual fire trucks, fire engines, ladders, etc "that I haven't seen before" ... (eff you "curious" )

1951 Kenworth Bullnose 6x4/Yankee 600/2500 Tank Wagon 39 Engine 39 is a 1945 Pirsch 1250/200

During a historic car show in Vianen this 1962 Chevrolet  Apache fire truck was on display. It was used by the fire brigade of Schalkwijk.

Here is a unique Jeep pumper which has been seen at various fire apparatus musters since it was donated in 2002 to the Old Dominion Historical Fire Society (ODHFS) in Virginia. It's a 1951 CJ-3A which was bought as a stock vehicle by General Electric in 1953, for its new Specialty Control plant in Waynesboro VA. The Specialty Control Plant produced relays, control systems and other products for aerospace, military, industrial and computer applications.

The General Electric shops converted the stock 3A into a mini-pumper, which went into service in February 1955. The 250 GPM pump was rear mounted, and in addition to a 50-gallon water tank there was lots of room for equipment storage. The Jeep was not required to carry ladders or suction hose, and apparently was not expected to do much off-pavement driving, allowing some low-slung storage lockers.

Luckily this unique piece of apparatus was saved when the GE plant closed.  The front bumper is a custom touch from when the GE shop used the chrome rear bumper from a Willys station wagon as a nice finishing touch for their Jeep.

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