Wednesday, July 11, 2018

the 5th annual Luftgekühlt car show of So Cal Porsches? Was held in a lumberyard, Ganahl Lumber’s newest facility in Torrance

Why? Symbolicly honoring the roots of Porsche’s original Gmünd, Austria facility, itself a repurposed sawmill.

There are no trophies, no awards ceremonies, no competition. It’s a non-structured gathering in coalescing around a very specific assemblage of cars, as the organizers intended

Not all Porsches are created equal (does Stuttgart even recognize the 914?) and this events rejects those with an air-to-water heat exchanger and coolant pumping through their engine blocks: Luftgekühlt (pronounced like looft-guh-kyoolt, or thereabouts) is German for “air cooled.”

Luft (as it has come to be known) started in 2014 as a small and intimate gathering of friends. Porsche factory racer Patrick Long and creative mind Howie Idelson endeavored to convene a low-key, invite-only morning for their Porsche-loving friends—the Patrick Dempseys, Magnus Walkers and Jeff Zwarts of the world.

At Luft 2, Bruce Meyer drove his Le Mans overall-winning 935 to the show. Not trailered.
At Luft 3, Seinfeld drove his 904 through the gate, and parked up front.

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