Friday, July 13, 2018

Happy 50th to the Super Bee, the forgotten Dodge creation with a wider variety than any other car I can think of. Seriously. Why can't the marketing morons at Dodge glorify the Super Bee on it's 50th anniversary? Lame'os!

They were amazing, as in one version they had a factory fiberglass lift off hood... I don't recall another American muscle car that ever had a lift off fiberglass hood. And the Bee's was flat black paint for 10-15% better heat transfer. As Jesse Pinkman said, "Science, bitches!"

and it was the largest hood scoop of any car in the muscle car era that I can think of

and it's one of two cars I know of that used the wheel cover advertising method.

They were factory sponsored national touring drag racers, on both the USA and the Canadian sides of the border

They were a new trim level in 1968, and had a bitchin 3 piece tail light, that looks something similar to a bumble bee's black striped tail, and were given the black tail panel bolt on piece (Coronets got the silver/argent color instead) and look especially on point when a Super Bee was yellow with black tail stripes

And they were the choice for the NFL team, the Cincinnati Bengals who made the famous Butterscotch Bee color combo

They even had some funky gasser art work, and Ed Roth mistook a Dart for a Super Bee in one t-shirt design

and it showed up in advertising for teen girl fashion

 (Teen, April 1969) for the whole gallery

They made a comeback about 4 years ago, and here's an homage to the billboard decal too

They are all over, even on the island of Japan

There were Mexican Super Bees that resemble the American Demon body of 1971,

and the 1972 and 73 American Duster body, where they had the twin hood scoop, and the Challenger dual snorkle

and this one looks like the American 76 Aspen and some person liked the variety of Super Bee hoods that he (barf, puke) doubled down and put the twin scoops on a "Power Bulge" 1969 383 Super Bee hood

There were Super Bee boats... yes, Chrysler Super Bees. So, can you think of a car company that ever pulled a car model name and put it on their corporate boats? No. I don't think anyone else owned a boat company, the Harley fiberglass ones don't count, that was a motorcycle company

They were even raced in Nascar

and they won a national contest for model car design

They were an answer to another cartoon character's popular namesake muscle car

one company made this, and they are now out of business, so, if you bought one, you're lucky and now have a very rare piece of shelf art

from what ever year, country, car body variety etc etc applies, they could be ordered with a 318, 383, 440 4 barrel, or 440 with a 6 pack, or the hemi, or the modern 6.2 liter (whatever, I don't give a shit about new Mopar engines that didn't get a name like Hellcat, or Demon)

and the Bee immediately inspired rip offs by other marketing people for the

it even had a plush toy... which there were only 3 photos that I've ever found to prove it existed at all. No one seems to know what happened to it, but I'm certain they only had one custom made for the 1969 Dodge Coronet line brochure

and they personified a marketing publicity move... the "Scat Pack"

hat tip to Mopar Connection Magazine website guru Kevin Shaw for reminding me of the 50th anniversary


  1. I'm more of a Dodge guy than Plymouth so I'm biased, but I like the story of how they came up with the name Super Bee from the simple fact that the Coronet was the "B" body and the Satellite was the "A" body. Corporate didn't want to spend any more money on royalties for an actual cartoon logo so they made their own up in house. The Super Bee was a little bit better than the Road Runner IMO, because Dodge had the benefit of one-upping what Plymouth was selling.

    1. A late 60s Satellite is a B body

    2. The Satellite was the plane jane Road Runner. Or the Belvedere was, but they are a tail light and grill difference is all. GTX was the top of the line Plymouth B Body, and the RR, Satellite, Belvedere or something along those lines

    3. My mistake Jesse. You're right the kid sized Mopars were all B bodies.

    4. My kid sized 69 R/T has a 426 with 3 carbs. Know how many barges came with a 426? Or 3 dueces? Kid sized. You're just being mean for that making of video making you break out the kleenex aren't you?

  2. Great work on this collection and tribute, Thanks!

  3. "Why can't the marketing morons at Dodge glorify the Super Bee on it's 50th anniversary?"

    Besides being morons they work for Fiat.

    1. well, that's where the accounts work but the people working in Detroit haven't been to Italy, don't speak Italian, and wear Mopar on their shirts and jackets. They did a hell of a lot of good publicity and marketing for the Demon!

  4. Me thinks you have a Super Bee in your bonnet!