Monday, July 09, 2018

the 1st 1969 Trans Am Firebird, found by the putting out a newspaper ad offering to buy low mileage production cars for a Pontiac restoration company, Ames

Very little is known about it's history, only that it was sold to the public after they were done playing with it at Pontiac, as a marketing and show car, on July 20, 1970.

It was bought in 1987, found as an ad in the Orange County Auto Trader, driven for three months and parked. Yeah, someone bought this, only drove it for 90 days, and then piled blankets and boxes over it. Like he was ashamed of it.

How? Why? What the hell is the reason to spend thousands on a car, and before your registration papers come through from the DMV, stop driving it for good, when you're healthy, and are out driving something else instead.

It's got the L74, 335Hp 400cu in, a 4 speed, and only 76000 miles.


  1. When you find the answer...Let me
    If you put all the rides I've had over the years, and I still had them, I'd be a gabazillionaire...
    I drove them, had plenty of smiles on my mug, sold them and made $$$.
    Wish I was a rich dude and had a shop large enough to store them, at least a digital camera to remember them..
    Only a few Kodaks...ah well..just like old girlfriends...

  2. I've you took all the cars I had when I was single...