Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Fiat 500 Spiaggina concept, a tribute to the Fiat Jolly

on July 4th, 1958, the first Fiat Jolly—the wicker-seated “Spiaggina” beach cruiser—became a bonafide street car. The company took the already irresistibly charming 500 and made it even more so by getting rid of its roof and turning the city car into a drivable riviera cabana. That was the first special edition of the 500 that would go on to see many modifications in its time, and now six decades later Fiat has partnered with Garage Italia and Pininfarina to produce this stunning little show car: the 500 Spiaggina.

the rear seats have been ditched and replaced by a yacht-like storage area fitted with slatted cork floors and a working beach shower; the front seats have been married into a classic bench layout covered in waterproofed two-tone leather

(When was the last time you saw a new car made with a bench seat?)


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