Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Update on Magic Wheel, making epic costumes for kids in wheelchairs (Magic Wheelchair is a nonprofit organization that builds custom costumes for children in wheelchairs)

Jonah received his "mini Max D" Magic Wheelchair at Monster Jam with none other than Tom Meents by his side!

SolidWorks and Monster Jam pitched in to help make this costume and experience truly epic!
the SOLIDWORKS Magic Wheelchair Project is funded entirely by the SOLIDWORKS Education Department

and some projects go a little past the norm,

with a little help from a celebrity

or two

The Stan Winston School and MagicWheelchair had a Comic Con Contest,

Magic Wheelchair set a goal to build seven Star Wars themed costumes which will then be unveiled to seven boys or girls and their families at the 2018 Comic-Con.

Professional build teams for the big reveal are:
 Thingergy Inc Team
 Monster City Studios
Team McMaster Robots and GT Props
Team Tom Spina Studios
Team Fon Davis and Fonco Studios
 Team and
Adam Savage Team Pixologic Inc. Team

This design and final costume will be unveiled at the 2018 Comic-Con in San Diego, California.

Remember, lift as you climb. You might be moving up in the world, and company you meet along the way, with an assist from you, can make your trip much more enjoyable if you choose to help some to come with you. There's never enough great friends to make along the way

If you're buried, you can die, or choose to become a seed.

(enough mushy touchy feely stuff, back to the stuff with wheels)


  1. Love these kind of stories. God bless these people that give of themselves with the only reward being true happiness and satisfaction. Thanks for including this kind of stuff in your blog Jesse. Makes me realize the world isn't as totally effed up as I think sometimes.

    1. Agreed, wonderful to find stories like this, but getting rare. You're welcome, it's what I do! Look on the tags: Kids, wheelchair, charity, awesome, or good news

    2. and it's very refreshing to see some Hollywood effects companies, artists, and creators lend some free time to the effort, and when big dogs like the engineers at Solidworks pitch in? WOW. Plus I'm really impressed that Adam Savage devotes so much time to annually be a spokesman for the effort, and gets Comic Con to throw down some serious access to the kids. A Comic Con pass is damn near impossible to get