Tuesday, June 12, 2018

TSA... might be an acronym for True, Soon Arrested, or Thousands Standing Around. The New York Post reports that nearly 400 TSA officers were fired for stealing from passengers from 2003 to 2012.

Plus, 12 current and former Transportation Security Administration employees smuggled 30 million dollars of dollars in cocaine through airport security in San Juan, Puerto Rico between 1998 and 2016
according to the Department of Justice


To be a bit fair, TSA has found a hell of a lot of things that should not get brought onto an airliner. But then, they did screen 771 million people in 2017.

But, they haven't caught a terrorist yet. They do find a hell of a lot of small pistols on passengers in Atlanta Intl. though.

Since New Years Day, TSA officers at ATL had discovered 108 firearms by May 31st 2018, up from 91 for the same time period in 2017.

TSA agents at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (Atlanta International) brought in the highest amount of guns ever at an airport in a single month, confiscating 30 during the month of May.

The previous record was 27 in September of 2016. Many of the guns were found in carry-on bags of passengers flying out of the airport.


But don't let that get you thinking that the TSA as a whole does a good job.  The TSA is one of most incompetent agencies of the United States government, and quite likely, on Earth.

After a series of undercover tests at multiple airports across the country, the Department of Homeland Security concluded last year that TSA officers and equipment had failed to detect mock threats roughly 80% of the time.

In Minneapolis, an undercover team succeeded in smuggling weapons and mock bombs past airport screeners 95% of the time.

 An earlier DHS investigation found the TSA utterly unable to detect weapons, fake explosives and other contraband, regardless of how extensive its pat-downs were.


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