Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Highway 1 by Big Sur California, the southern route might open as early as late July, and vacationers can once again travel California coast

It's been 14 months, and they've moved a hell of a lot of dirt, and the highway is a bit ahead of schedule to get opened to traffic. It was the largest landslide ever recorded on the Big Sur coast, and covered a third of a mile of the highway and burying it beneath 40 feet of dirt and rock.

The slide also added 15 acres to California’s picturesque coastline.

The Mud Creek section of southern Big Sur closed on May 20, 2017 after fierce winter rains triggered a massive landslide, has been aided by contractor efficiencies, favorable weather and longer days, said Caltrans.

So the target date for completion, previously set for mid-September, has been moved forward to late July
and there's a great drone video in hi def at

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  1. The Bonneville and I are anxiously looking forward to this...