Saturday, June 16, 2018

found in the woods in Connecticut... think they decided not to go back and fix it?


  1. Hmm... This Jeep Patriot is missing the "trail rated" badge on the front fender, so its just a regular old all wheel drive, but isnt really for going into the "bush"... I had one of these and did mild off roading with it, I wouldn't have thought that it would have been able to do this...

    1. I don't recall Patriots getting the Trail Rated designation until the 2017 model. and the rims on this wasted rock ranger are the ones the commuter varieties. The Trail Rated Patriot in 2017 had a 5 spoke with ribs on the spokes. These in the image above are flat.

    2. Which is to say I agree completely. It's not cut out for what they broke their Patriot doing. Ummm, yeah, that probably went without saying