Thursday, June 14, 2018

one more time. Quit trying to correct what YOU think is wrong on my blog. It's annoying. Just move along, go find some other site to entertain you. Today, Bob's monkey wrench, ironically, smacked him in his face

Bob Foss commented -
The wrench that 'Trendy' is using is NOT a monkey wrench. It is probably an 18" or so pipe wrench. This is a monkey wrench.

The term monkey wrench is also used colloquially to refer to the pipe wrench, owing to their broadly similar shapes.  is the 3rd sentence at that link he thought would correct my use of the term Monkey Wrench

I replied in the comments section: (and want all of you to just chill the fuck out with the constant criticism)

Bob, you didn't read that Wiki link...  I quote the relevant 3rd sentence
"The term monkey wrench is also used colloquially to refer to the pipe wrench, owing to their broadly similar shapes."

Now, why are you writing to try and correct me when I'm right, entertaining, and generally speaking, humorous?

Just because I'm colloquially conversational, and may not be deemed 100% accurate by the judges of the linguistic dept of Oxford, or the stick up your ass, isn't a good reason for you to tip over my apple cart of wonders I'm delivering to the masses. Think... are you making the day any better by raining on my parade?

Have you, ever, sent me a fucking cool thing to share, to offset the criticism you send?

Just consider... you could be making someone happy right now, but instead, you are unsuccessfully trying to get me to not use the term monkey wrench, and, you sent me proof that I was indeed not wrong.

 Find something to be happy about, and quit pissing in my cheerios. I'm busy over here making a bunch of people happy to stop by and see what I've put on the internet today.


  1. I tried to let this slide but Bob's ignorance is too much. If it's used to pour a Monkey cocktail it will always be a monkey wrench.

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Oh brother, face palm 90% of the time they're both ('open end adjustable wrench, pipe, 1ea' or 'open end adjustable wrench-square nuts on locomotives, 1ea') going to be used as a hammer anyway.