Thursday, June 14, 2018

“The Rolls Royce of dumper trucks” under construction, by James Sebright. Caterpillar 725, 735, 745 models

Made in England, specifically in Peterlee, one of County Durham’s flagship manufacturers.

The factory here started life as a moderately successful family-owned British concern making trucks. This was bought by the American giant who were able to invest a great deal into the factory, both financially and in terms of knowledge.

With an apprentice program providing meaningful work to young people in the area, and the opportunity to go all the way to the top (the current MD started as an apprentice in the factory); the company engages with the community in lots of meaningful ways, for example sharing their training facilities with schools, the unemployed and ex-servicemen.

Year 12 students gain first hand experience of Engineering/Manufacturing processes in the real world, how raw material enters the factory, is processed, painted, and assembled to the completed product. In relating classroom theory to technology such as as CAD/CAM/CNC machinery, robotics and assembly techniques are used to create products.

The Peterlee plant makes articulated vehicles for all conditions, from -40C in Arctic tundra, to 40C in the Sahara.

It uses 35,000 tonnes of steel every year to help make its trucks, and could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in the same time frame with the oil and fluids needed to run vehicles.

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