Friday, June 15, 2018

Driven 20 miles like this... people are too stupid to air it up, but they can still legally drive (without a brain) so be safe out there, and remember... you're sharing the road with morons, idiots, drunks, and texting people


  1. Indeed Jesse, and what's more frightening is, THEY CAN VOTE!

    1. voting doesn't matter. Only the electoral college, a group of appointed campaign donors, who got a millionaire elected, can vote to select the next president.

      Voting for the president does not matter.

      No one runs for anything unless they are so rich that they can devote all 7 days a week to campaigning. There fore, blue collar people don't run for office, millionaires do. So politicians are not people I can relate to, and most politicians are corrupt and dishonest, only out to get rich and get their campaign donors richer. So... voting? Overrated. I'd be all for it if we had Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt running for office again. But we don't.

    2. True, sadly very true.