Monday, June 11, 2018

(on the tv show Riverdale) Archie and his dad might get to fix up an old roadster! (but did they have to make it part of the only musical episode?) If they ever take a break from murder mystery, mafia, gangs, and serial killer storylines

 Ok, you might not have even known that they'd made a TV show out of the comic book, but it's mostly in name only, and instead of the 50's timeframe that they had the comic book set in, this is in todays time.... and so Archie didn't have a car until season 2 episode 18 of 22, a Firebird, but then he goes to a junkyard and gets this cool old roadster. A 29 Ford?

According to Wikipedia, originally Archie's car/jalopy was a 1916 Ford Model T. Archie called it Ol Betsy

In one of the later comics, when Archie was asked, he claimed it to be several makes, Hudson, Packard, Pierce Arrow, Chevrolet, Plymouth, etc. Going back to 1926. Because those were all the different types of parts he used in fixing the car.

which had me wondering, what did they use in the Archie comic books? There was the original jalopy (and the actual reason I had to look up the word jalopy when I was a kid first coming across the word) in the earliest comic books, and then story lines changed as they ran out of simple ideas, and the writers became influenced by the increasingly prolific Southern California racing scene

Seems Archie as a comic was started in December 1941, trying to get the Andy Hardy fans to buy comic books, and Archie looked a bit different than the character we know, and the jalopy showed up in 1942

Then a couple hot rods, and some other race cars. 

He won this one in a raffle, he only bought one ticket, his friends bought 20 more, all in his name

there was even one digital comic book that brought all the stories with the jalopy together


  1. Aurora made a neat 1/25th scale model of Archie's T Model Ford.

    1. yes, I saw that at the link I included, but didn't want to add it to my post, and detract from the impact I'm looking to make with the way I constructed the post from the tv show images, then the comic book evolution and history.

  2. what I cant believe is that the creators of the Archie comic books series would allow a TV show to be produced thats such an adult theme, murder, sex, more murder, more sex, more murder etc

    1. The original creators died a while ago, and their inheritors have a different way of making money from the Archie stuff... they have done a lot of things the creators would not have done.... gay characters, zombies, Archie goes to war... but, the inheritors were gifted with a thing, and found a way to get rich from it, though it's original use was once profitable, times changed, and they weren't selling many comic books with Archie and the gang anymore. I know I haven't bought a single comic book in about 20 years, though I have bought annual best of compilations of comic strips, like Zits, and the boxed set books of Calvin and Hobbes, and Farside. I've bought a couple books of comics, car related, but nothing like the old days when you cold get a comic book for less than a buck, finish it in 10 minutes, and have to wait a month for the next issue of X Men, or whatever
      Frankly I was shocked they started the show with the teen actresses in bras and panties. Don't mistake that shock for anything more, I find them all to be fantastic appearing physiques, and the women probably find all the ripped young football player bodied actors equally attractive... but wow, tv has come a long way from the 70s conservative pilgrim attitudes toward how much skin can be shown on tv.