Sunday, March 19, 2017

Steve's 1959 bug started off mighty rough as a $1000 roller in a body shop, he did a lot of fun upgrades since then

Steve Buton's 1959 vw bug with a 1775cc motor. 95% of the car is built by him. He put everything together and painted it himself over a weekend, with a price tag of 50 bucks. The pallet rack just came to him. He made it out of a old surf rack. The wheel barrow was going into the trash until He noticed the curve and on it went with his ride.

putting this wheelbarrow on the back is a new innovation, I've never seen that before


  1. It's clever that he used old license plates for the radio block-off plate and and the fender trim above the running boards.

    1. yes, looked good too! It would have been distracting if the plates had been paint side out, but with the shiny side out, it was nearly similar to diamond plate texture