Friday, March 24, 2017

Mr Norm's van.... since 1977, it's been groovy baby with a 440, Dana 60, and probably a cool stereo too. The 2nd owner bought it from Mr Norm in 1979, and kept it til 2016

Mr. Norm developed the conversion van concept as a substitute for the declining market share in muscle cars and scored another first. He opened a van department in the fleet office to supply the burgeoning van conversion business with vehicles. He purchased 280,000-sq. ft. of additional property to store the increasing automotive inventory. Grand Spaulding became the Number Two Dodge dealership in volume sales.

This 1977 B200 Long Box with a 440, Dana 60 rear, and power everything not only features crazy paint but a mural of the final 1970s Mr. Norm’s Super Charger funny car in action. Kenny Safford was the driver, but this van was owned by none other than Mr. Norm Krause himself, who had the murals painted on this van and drove it before it was sold in 1979. It then stayed with the same owner for the next 40 years or so.

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