Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The long-empty Pontiac Silverdome is now facing an unlikely problem: A parking lot filled with Volkswagens.

The City of Pontiac has taken legal action against the owner of the derelict stadium, citing it for city code violations for storing hundreds of Volkswagen cars and crossovers outside the Silverdome since January, without the necessary permits.

The Volkswagens are the vehicles the German automaker has been forced to buy back from customers following its diesel emissions scandal.

The Silverdome lost its main tenant when the Lions moved to Ford Field in 2002

the family of Canadian developer Andreas Apostolopoulos, bought the Silverdome in 2009 at auction from the City of Pontiac for $583,000.

A Volkswagen spokesman said Wednesday that the automaker is storing its repurchased diesels at sites across the country including the Silverdome. The plan is to keep the cars at those sites until a vehicle modification is available that could allow them to be resold. If such a modification isn't possible, the cars would then be sent out and recycled.

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