Monday, March 20, 2017

where would you find a Justicialista? Agentina

The Justicialista was manufactured in the Argentine aircraft factory, and had a fiberglass reinforced polymer plastic body, the 2nd car in the world after the Chevrolet Corvette.


  1. I love these, they had a 356 motor and 4 speed up front with Porsche gauges in the dash. The front suspension was a transverse leaf spring mounted above the gearbox.

    Locally a '54 was for sale after it had been robbed of its motor and gauges. No motor, gauges, or bumpers.....$17,000.00

    1. Wow, I thought for sure no one would have ever heard of these, they made less than 200 if I read the translation correctly, because a military coup taking over their country

  2. 167 units.....That red roadster has an air cooled 3Ltr V8 with 4 carbs putting out 114 of Argentina's best horse powers.