Thursday, March 23, 2017

Michelin, started making tires, then realized that getting people out using those tires to drive to restaurants would cause more frequent replacement of the tires, and so: The Michelin Guide (and stars) to Restaurants

In 1900, fewer than 3,000 cars graced the roads of France. To boost the demand for cars and, accordingly, car tires, brothers and car tyre manufacturers Édouard and André Michelin published the first edition of a guide for French motorists, the Michelin Guide.

The brothers printed nearly 35,000 copies of this first, free edition of the Michelin Guide, which provided useful information to motorists, such as maps, tire repair and replacement instructions, car mechanics listings, hotels, and petrol stations throughout France.

And today I read something very cool, a street food vendor in Singapore who has been cooking up chicken and pork for 35 years was just given the 1st Michelin star to a street vendor.

Chan Hon Meng, has been working his kitchen for 35 years, 17 hours a day.

Meng, the owner and chef at Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle, was working furiously to cater for a 40-strong queue of customers waiting for his signature dish, as the price makes it the most affordable Michelin-starred meal you can get: a plate of soya sauce chicken and rice costs less than half the price of a Big Mac at McDonald’s.

 Michelin's one-star award is given to restaurants that offer "high-quality cooking, worth a stop,"  two-stars are awarded for "excellent cooking, worth a detour,"
and three stars are reserved for "exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey."
according to the guide

With the blurring of lines between restaurants and other eateries, Michelin is adapting too. From 2014, it had a separate listing for pubs in Ireland.

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  1. I once used the Michelin guide when riding in France. No way could I afford to eat at even a one-star restaurant, but the guide also lists a number of humble places with truly excellent value-for-money meals. The prices could match those of any fast-food chain, but the quality of the food was leagues above them.