Friday, March 24, 2017

Actors union strike (1945, Warner Brothers) and the expected anarchy as striking people lose their minds when other people cross the picket line (as you also can expect will happen) and the striking people went beserk, as usual, rioted and tipped over cars

And I expect someone is going to be outraged at the way I described what happened. Well, that outraged person will only confirm that striking union people become lunatics, cause riots, and behave like idiots. Just look at these photos, or, check the news on most every strike ever.

Not that strikes weren't needed about 100 years ago, and Henry Ford had thugs beat and kill striking union members... proving that big business was the problem.

Then the unions became the problem, and the thugs.

Humans are strange this way, becoming the thing they despise ( from young hippy to old conservative, from young rock n roller to old fart yelling "turn down that noise") and never getting wiser, learning from the past, or overcoming emotional kneejerk reaction for logical reasoned thought out response. 

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  1. My grandfather worked at Boeing in Wichita for about 25 years, 1942-1967 or so, never union. When he would cross the picket lines he'd get spit on, his car would get keyed (scratching the paint with keys for those who may not know), they would steal his battery, horrible stuff. My dad was very strongly anti-union from seeing all this as a kid.