Thursday, March 23, 2017

What is the source of the "houndstooth" name for car seat fabric design?

Houndstooth originated in the Scottish Lowlands during the 1800s.

 This fabric was worn by shepherds, and when it was created, it was called shepherd's check or dogtooth.

At the time of its creation, houndstooth was worn as an outer garment by the shepherds. It was made by using four bands of dark fabric and four bands of light fabric in an alternating pattern.

In an early reference to houndstooth, De Pinna, a New York City–based men's and women's high-end clothier founded in 1885, included houndstooth checks along with gun club checks and Scotch plaids as part of its 1933 spring men's suits collection

Eventually, houndstooth fabric was seen as a sign of wealth and affluence and as it began being used by designers such as Christian Dior, houndstooth gained popularity very quickly.

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