Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dick Shepard probably has the greatest collection of Triumph motorcycles

While the collection contains at least one example of every Turner-designed Triumph ever made, it is also replete with rare and unique machines – the quest for one of which resulted in Shepherd meeting his long-standing “finder” Mike Jackson, a former director of Norton Motorcycles and a respected doyen of the vintage-bike world.

after more than 45 years of buying and refining – and a great deal of detective work to track down rarities – Shepherd is the proud owner of what is probably the greatest collection of Triumph bikes in the world: more than 320 of them.

He bought the only car Triumph Motorcycles ever made, which was called the Ladybird.
“The owner,  would only sell the car with the single-cylinder prototype bike that was the first machine to be raced at the Isle of Man TT by Triumph’s senior road tester, Percy Tait."

He also bought the most important motorcycle in the history of the ISDT, the only one to have won five gold medals, and went on to find the other three team bikes that competed alongside it in 1964, the Steve McQueen - Bud Ekins year, and so now has the full set.

Shepherd also counts among his collection the actual TR6 machine famously ridden by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape;
the supercharged, twin-engined Cyclotron on which tuning ace Fred Cooper became the first person to officially exceed 200mph on British soil in 1972;
 the TR5 ridden by Henry Winkler’s The Fonz in the television series Happy Days;
the Bonneville ridden by Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible III (bought at auction in 2012 for £13,800);
 and the T100 that won the celebrated 1966 race at Daytona International Speedway when Buddy Elmore came from a seemingly impossible 54th place to take the chequered flag.



    1. your comment might want to add some relevant connection between the movie, and Shepard owning that Great Escape motorcycle. Dropping a website with zero explanation is inconsiderate.