Tuesday, March 21, 2017

One down

and Hemmings Classic Car will likely be next unless the editor finally wakes up and rejects new cars. I subscribed to HCC, and only for one year. Way too many crap new cars in it to call it a Classic Car magazine.

What was Hemmings doing getting into sports car magazines anyway? Far too many of them to compete with, not enough subscribers and newsstand buyers as it is


  1. I use to subscribe to this years ago....10yrs ago.

  2. I agree with you on the new cars being in the HCC.. Too many...
    I can't believe that they still publish such a large "phone book" every month. Or is it weekly? The guys I hang out with, have so many of these, its hard to tell which it is... A few months ago, they tossed an entire pickup truck load of them..

  3. I enjoyed this magazine even with the newer cars. The reality is the next generation of car guys is here and they aren't interested in Alfas, MGB's and Lancias. These are expensive old cars now vs the $200 running 67 Duetto I bought from the junkyard when I was young. Their version of a $200 junkyard car as a teen is a $1500 honda del sol etc...

    I liked that they had newer cars in the magazine. I have a friend who is into steam cars. he says they and the brass era fans are dying off and there is no one coming to take their place as custodians of these cars. Prices are dropping. My facebook feed is full of car groups now so I understand magazines are having a tough time when I can get more from your own site in a month than most magazines.

    1. Ok, I only enjoyed some of the issues.
      Yes, they are here, and they might not be, and yup, they are ridiculously overpriced. You can't touch a Morgan under 20 thou.
      But... a Honda Del Sol, and every other Honda, does NOT belong in a classic car magazine.
      The phrase classic car has a meaning, it's been defined among car enthusiasts as pre WW2. When that mag has other stuff, it upset me. Either get it right, or don't print it, is my notion.
      You're also right about steam, brass era, highwheelers, and horseless carriages. Those people are not being replaced by younger people, as the older ones are the ones that priced everybody else out of the hobby. It's simply impossible to restore a Stanley Steamer for less than the price of a house.
      And the amount of content on my site is another thing you're right about. I probably do 10 posts on average a day, and that equals about 400 a month. Most aren't quality, most are just momentary eye candy, or similar fluff that is enjoyed for a second, and quickly forgotten... but I don't have pages and pages of ads. No garbage taking up space, and I have about 5-10 good articles a month, maybe 20. I seriously don't know, and I don't keep track, as most people would disagree on what was incredible, vs just something they weren't interested in that I found mind blowing (Hispano Suize supreme court case for example) and there are so many websites that do this stuff for free, why bother paying for the magazines anymore?
      Glad you're enjoying what I do

    2. A Del Sol does belong in a Sport and Exotic car magazine. I wouldn't want a whole issue of it but yes it belongs. How many years ago was the 914 and 924 similarly viewed? This is what the young folks can afford and to them it is the Alfa of my day. I do enjoy your work. I like that it is all over the place and I never know what will be there:)

    3. I said it didn't belong in a classic car magazine. Yes, it does belong in sports and exotic... but I wasn't talking about that magazine