Friday, March 24, 2017

trucking visits the White House to talk about corporate health care costs... not trucking, or interstate truckers getting the legal right to carry concealed weapons for self protection

Photo by Sarah H. Sanders, White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary.

The American Trucking Associations brought representatives from a number of trucking companies and a group of its Road Team Captain drivers to the White House for a meeting with President Trump.

The event included a discussion, which both the ATA and the White House have said the key topic was health care costs.

“The Affordable Care Act is just plain unaffordable,” ATA President and CEO Chris Spear said in a release. “Replacing this law will help trucking employees, their families and our customers by lowering insurance costs, decreasing mandates, liabilities and administrative burdens, and providing access to quality care and patient choice.”

Among the people griping about health care, and not trucker safety were the ATA Chairman and president of Jet Express Inc.,
the CEO of Old Dominion Freight Line,
the president and CEO of FedEx Freight,
the CEO of U.S. Xpress Inc.,
the president of Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association,
the president of UPS Freight,
the chairman of CRST International Inc.,
and the president and CEO of Crete Carrier Corp.,

In addition, ATA is privileged to be bringing its Image Truck – Interstate One – and a trailer provided by Jet Express featuring a Trucking Moves America Forward wrap, hauled by ATA's Share the Road Truck. These trucks are being driven and escorted by 12 professional drivers with a combined 319 years of driving experience and 29.4 million accident-free miles (and no one from Swift)


  1. Should've been 24 million truckers.

    1. Because that's the number of people who would've lost their health insurance, according to non-partisan Congressional Budget Office...