Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bikers... you got to be more careful, stupid bastards aren't targetting you, but they sure as hell have the worst damn timing of when they choose to jump two lanes

Collision at the 1:25 minute mark

You can see this shit about to happen, the vehicle recording the video had already pulled halfway out of his lane to the left to make room for the big ass bike, and maybe you weren't aware, but when a traffic jam happens to your right, people WILL decide it's time to change lanes to the left, and they WILL not be careful enough.

It's called defensive driving, and you can save your life by just being SMART and not blaming stupid people, you and I both KNOW they are going to be stupid, it's up to US to not let them kill us. It's the same with poison snakes, you know they'll kill you, if you're stupid enough to get in striking range


  1. Its amazing how careless motorcycle riders are.

    that guy was doing what, 75 or 80 when all the other cars were doing 35-40?

  2. my biggest fear when riding in the carpool lane. i always ride to the left. and yeah that guy to me should of been going slower.

  3. October, 2010, driving up the 5 from San Diego to Irvine, sitting in slow moving traffic, I had a biker splitting lanes take off the drivers side mirror on my rental car. He was flying and never slowed. I almost s**t myself. When I returned it, the Avis lady said "Oh, happens all the time."