Sunday, February 05, 2017

1927, steam shovel assisting in the excavation of a train tunnel... the photo says that it used compressed air instead of overheating the miners with making and releasing steam


  1. Read the text in the photo "steam shovel operated by air". There will be a line to a compressor somewhere.

  2. I also read the text on the photo "Main borxxx qn.ay new 8 mile tunnel"... I am confused how you came to conclude that it was a coal mine, when the link only talks about the tunnel?
    This is a photo of men digging the "New" Cascade Tunnel which opened in 1929.

    1. I see... good catch! I made the mistake of following along with the narrative of the website this was clipped from and if you click on that page, you see why I was thinking darn near everything was coal related. Thanks for the correction!